Here are some reviews from Sharon's clients:


Dear Sharon,
   Your Quilt was the hit of the auction.  Thank you so much.  Mary (Habitat for Humanity)


Thanks Sharon,
    I appreciate so much your doing the Quilt so quickly. You are so sweet.  Dixie


Dear Sharon,
    Thank you for quilting my quilts so perfectly.  I really admire your work.  When I showed the quilts at American Sewing Guild the ladies exclaimed over your excellent work.   Esther


My table runner is gorgeous - prettier than I had thought.  It looks great on the bed tray!  Laurie


Thanks again for the great job!  Myna

Dear Sharon, 
   I just got my quilt yesterday & want to thank you for doing my 3rd border.  I love it and thank you.   Patricia


Hello Sharon,
  As you probably know my "pineapple" won a first prize as well as Best of Division.  I wanted to share with you the comments made by the judges pertaining to the quilting.  "Block motif appropiate for block."  "Border quilting is attractive and fills space well."  "Light thread on outer border works well."  All in all I love it.  Thanks again.   Aurlius

Dear Sharon,
   The quilts were marvelously "loved" by our girls.  The became a great gift for their 40th Birthdays - my husband's twins.  There were here with family for Easter,  Thank you for yur great workmanship in quilting them both so nicely.   Jeanie


Dear Sharon,
   Thank you for the wonderfully creative stitching you did on my polar bear quilt!   My husband loves it and so do I.  I look forward to working wiht you again in the future.  Cindy

Hi  Sharon,
  I sure do want to thank you for your hard work.   Sue


   Thank you so very much for doing my Quilt.  In & Out  for so quickly.  It's wonderful to know that you are so professional and do such a great job,   I do appreciate your service.   Bev

Dear Sharon,
   Thank you so much for the pictures of my sampler quilt squares.  When you handed me the pictures, it came as a total surprise.  I was not expecting all the extra service.  You do such an extraordinarily perfect job of executing the quilting designs, you have become my professional quilter of choice for always.  We are so lucky that you have decided to move to these beautiful foothills.  You do so much more than is expected for the guild and everybody.   Esther

Dear Sharon,
   I want you to know how pleased I am with your beautiful quilting.  You did an outstanding job on each quilt.  I appreciate your efforts to make each one individual.  You did a great job!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Cindy


Hi Sharon...
   The ladies of the mini - group the Cotton Club would like to send you a most sincere thank you for the gorgeous, appropriate, perfect, thoughtful job you did on our members, Linda's quilt.  More than that . . . thank you for how quickly you worked your magic and got it back to us, she was in so much pain, we wanted desperately to get her flannel "comfort quilt"  to her as quickly as possible.  We all had tears in our eyes when we were told bow cancer had touched your life and why our "job" was move to the front of your line.  We are taking turns driving her to treatment.  She loves her quilt!  and has it with her always.    Dianne


Thank you for the generosity of your time and resources to quilt several Pieces of Home project quilts. Your efforts will warm the hearts and souls of many Marines!  Thank You!    Jeanne


Thanks so much Sharon!  You do beautiful work!    Jeanne