Once Your Quilt is Complete


I will notify you by phone or email, at your preference, when your quilt is ready to come home to you.



When we communicate we can decide how you want it returned, if you will pick it up or if you want it mailed back, by FedEx, UPS, or the post office.


Quilt Care

Depending on the type of batting you choose and whether you had pre-washed your fabrics, most quilts can be washed in a normal washing machine, in cold water on the gentle cycle. If you made a large quilt, and it doesn’t fit in your washer, the local laundry mat will do nicely.


Display Tips

Whether you will hang your quilts up or use them on a daily basis depends on the type of quilt you have, and your intentions. I can reccomend several methods of display when we get together.


Storage Tips

If you need to store your quilt for the short term or for long periods of time, NEVER put it in a plastic bag. First, fold it in half width-wise, and again, then length-wise as many times as it takes to fit into a large (king) size pillowcase. Folding it this way helps prevent permanent creases from forming, and the cloth pillowcase will allow the quilt to breathe while keeping the dust off.