So You're Getting Ready to Send Sharon Your Quilt:

I'm new at this, how does it work?

You can email me (I check daily) to let me know you want to bring or send me a quilt, or you can call me. Either way, we can discuss some basic pricing, timing, etc. You can find my contact info under "Contact Sharon" near the bottom of my homepage.

When I receive your quilt and I have looked it over, I will call you and we will talk about your quilt, nailing down all the specifics.

If you're in the area, call me to arrange a time to come by and drop it off. We can then discuss what you want done and pick out patterns and thread colors together.

What Designs Are Available?

With the CompuQuilter there is a nearly endless variety of designs, and if you want something that I don’t have it can usually be purchased. I currently have over four hundred motifs, heirloom designs and pantographs on the CompuQuilter.

Click this link to see some examples of my MOTIF PATTERNS, BORDER PATTERNS, and REPEATING PATTERNS, such as pantographs, feathering, etc.

What Threads Are Available?

thread card

I prefer using any of the Superior Threads line of threads. They have almost any color, both solids and variegated. Check out their website at Superior Threads.

I currently carry Superior's "So Fine" series of threads, which is ideal for longarm machine quilting.

On the left is a sample sheet of the Bottom Line series, and you can click on this image to make it larger. When you are done, simply click the "back" (sometimes a left-pointing arrow) button on your internet browser's toolbar to return to this page. Depending on the color settings of your computer monitor, the colors should look reasonably accurate.

I will only use threads I purchase, so that I know how old they are and how they have been stored, as the long arm machines are fussy with thread. They need to be of a particular quality to avoid constant snags or breaks.

What's the Biggest/Smallest Quilt Sharon Can Handle?

I can work on very small wall or table runner quilts all the way up to king size, though it cannot be more than 14’ in both directions—though the length can be more if the width is less.

Now, before you freak out and start quoting my webpage, yelling “but she said she could handle any size quilt, no matter how big,” stop and think for a minute about just how big 14’ actually is. It is—

  • about half the length of a fully grown killer whale
  • nearly the height of an adult giraffe
  • the width of two standard sized cars parked side by side
  • more than twice the height of a tall man
  • fully twice the length of a California King sized bed

So really, why would you ever want to make a quilt that humungous? And what could you do with it if you did?

Okay, I’ll admit it is theoretically possible to make a quilt that big, and I even made a 12’ quilt once for my nephew and his bride, but really, what’s the point? By the way, that quilt for my nephew now drapes nearly to the floor over both sides of their king bed.

How Should I Prepare My Quilt Before Sending it In?

Please, trim all threads on the back of the quilt top, or they will poke through when the quilt is finished.

Make sure it is well pressed (even though you will fold it to bring or send it in).

Do I need to make to back larger than the top?

Yes, the back needs to be at least 4” longer and 4” wider than the top. (That's 4" in each direction, not per side.) Remember to square it up and press it. If you would like to purchase backing, I do have a variety available, that come in standard quilt sizes, so there won’t be any seams.

Do you recommend me supplying my own batting?

I prefer using the batting I supply, however, I understand economics. If you bring in your own batting, make sure it is bonded and again 4” longer and wider than the top.

What about binding?

If you want me to do your binding, please send one yard of the fabric you want to use. Or, I can send it back unfinished and you can do it yourself.

How Long Will it Take?

Generally, I try to have a one to two week turn-around (not including shipping to or from), though a lot depends on what you need done on your quilt and what else has just come in. Please allow one month as an outside estimate.

How Much Will it Cost?

The price depends on what you want done and the supplies needed, though the following should provide a rough idea of what to expect.

The cost for all-over designs is usually $0.015 (a penny and a half) per square inch.

The cost for custom work is approximately $0.02 to $0.03 per square inch (varies according to the work required).

I have a $50 minimum, which covers the cost of loading and unloading a quilt on the long arm machine, threads and labor, for smaller quilts.

What Payment Methods Does Sharon Take?

I take checks, cash and money orders.

Anything Else I Should Know?

When you box it up, make sure you fold the top separately from the back, and the batting separately from both. Place them in a plastic bag to keep out any moisture. Pack it tightly, so it doesn’t move around too much.

Order Form!

Hah! There is no order form, just email or call me, as per item #1.