Sharon's Millennium

1.jpgWith throat space of 26" x 10.5" with 23 square feet of quilting capacity without advancing the fabric, and a 14 foot width, I can handle the largest king size quilts with no problem! Did you make the largest quilt in history? Bring it on! :)

My APQS Millennium is the only longarm quilting machine that comes with a 2-stage needle positioner and lower thread cutter, which allows the machine to cut my thread perfectly every time. This means that you never have to worry if I will accidentally cut your quilt instead of the thread! One less thing to worry about.

The quiet DC motor and lightweight versatility with virtually no vibration makes quilting with this machine an absolutely enjoyable experience! Kudos for you: now I can quilt for longer stretches without getting tired, frustrated or vibrating out of my shoes. This means that I can do more with your quilt at a time, making the overall look far more consistent that with other quilting machines which can be a pain to use. This way you get your quilt back faster.

The APQS requires little maintenance, which means that I will have so little down-time that you won't even be able to tell when I have taken a break! This way you get your quilts back faster.

The ingenious design crew of the APQS also took special precautions to prevent any oil leakage, so that your quilts will never come back with oil stains.

The APQS was first to perfect the built-in Automatic Stitch Length Regulator for its Millennium model. I can just tell the machine how many stitches I want per inch, and it does it! This way, every stitch is exactly the same length and remains the same length even when changing quilting speed or direction. It ensures uniform quality from the first stitch to the last with 8-15 stitches-per-inch or manual stitching capability.

All this means for you that you don't have to sweat at home, wondering and hoping that your quilt will come out nicely, or end up as something you would be embarrassed to display or give away. You can rest assured that the masterpiece you spent so much time and effort creating will only look more beautiful, from the first stitch to the last!

Say Hello to Computer Quilting2.jpg

I am still learning free-guided quilting, and getting reasonably good at it. Soon I will be very good, and confident enough to do one of my own quilts. The good news, though, is that I also have a CompuQuilter!

This state-of-the-art computerized quilting program hooks right into my APQS Millennium, and tells the machine what to quilt. Is that cool or what?! Plus, it allows me to have unlimited design potential. No more guessing whether a design will work out.

With my CompuQuilter, you'll get flawlessly executed quilting designs, each and every time.

Just picture your quilt covered with intricate feather motifs and beautiful overall designs: all perfect to the last stitch.

Custom and heirloom quilting treatments are a breeze with the CompuQuilter's ability to automatically re-size digitized designs, maintain or stretch proportions, and rotate patterns in increments as small as 1 degree.

Quilted designs can be immaculately positioned in increments as small as 0.025 of an inch (about the size of a needle point), allowing me to make your quilt patterns beautiful, because they are perfectly spaced and don't have that annoying "if it were only half an inch to the right" feel.

I can even view the chosen pattern inside the actual quilting area directly on the computer screen, allowing me to tweak the design to complete precision before sewing a single stitch. This means that I never need to take a chance on a pattern, and will always know before I start stitching how it will turn out. This means that you need never worry about your quilting designs again.

So I've saved the best for last: You can even give me your own unique quilting design, which the CompuQuilter will render accurately, creating stunning one-of-a-kind designs just for you!

The infinite potential for creative design makes CompuQuilter the most innovative artistic quilting tool available. Of course, I can still enjoy all the pleasures of free-guided quilting with my APQS longarm too.

All this means that you can send me your quilts with the confidence that you will get them back looking more beautiful than you dared hope. Never again stay awake at night wondering if everything is going well with that gift quilt you spent months laboring over. Never again wake in a cold sweat from a nightmare in which your scary quilting design was endlessly chasing you down your mother-in-law's hallway, screaming in her voice that you "should have sent your quilt to Sharon"!

Interested in Purchasing your Own APQS?


Sharon is now a dealer for APQS!

Are you interested in owning your very own longarm quilting machine? If you make enough quilts on a regular basis, your own longarm might be the natural extension of your hobby. Or, you could start your own quilting business, and work from home with flexible hours that you set yourself and a skill that is in demand.

Call Sharon for a personal demo, and she will be happy to answer all your questions and show you how the APQS Millennium and CompuQuilter work.

For more information, check out these brochures: AboutAPQS.pdf about APQS Quilting Machines, and FeaturesSheets.pdf on the features of APQS Machines.