Longarm Quilting

What is longarm machine quilting, anyway?

Longarm machine quilting is like having a sewing machine on steroids. The machine head is giant, with a throat depth of 26" x 10.5."

It has 23 square feet of quilting capacity without even advancing the fabric; this allows me to quilt more at one time so that you get your quilt back sooner.

The machine is sitting above a 14 long table, allowing me to quilt just about any size quilt.

Why should I bother sending my quilt to Sharon?

So, you have just finished your quilt top and need to have it quilted. Maybe you've taken a free motion class, and have practiced on the samples they gave you, and even did well with them.

Now you are getting ready to put the quilt layers together and you begin to ask yourself questions:

  • Where in the house can I lay it out? All of a sudden it looks very big.
  • Do I call a friend and ask to use her house to lay it out?
  • If I manage to find enough space to lay it out, can I keep the kids, husband and pets off it long enough to get it pinned?
  • Do I even have enough pins?
  • Do I need to baste it? If so, how do I baste it?
  • How am I going to handle all of this with my sewing machine?
  • Can I possibly roll it tightly enough to fit under the arm of my sewing machine? Now my machine looks so little.
  • What if I need to turn the quilt? All this bulk isn? going to be easy to maneuver!

You?e not dealing with a sample anymore; you have a lot of time and money invested in your quilt top, and you want the finished product to look as good as your top. You want it to come out without wrinkles and with good stitching. You want a quilt that you can proudly present to your loved one, or sell to your client without apologizing, or drape over your bed without cringing as you crawl under it each night.

So what do you do? You call me!

Features and Benefits

Here are some key problems I can solve for you?

  • The permanent problem of space: How many times have you threatened your husband to make him add an extension onto your house, just to have a place to lay out your quilt? Well, treat him to a fancy dinner instead! Now I will layer your quilt for you!

  • The recurring problem of quantity: Mountains of safety pins, red, sore, throbbing fingers and aching knees become a thing of the past. No more will you vent your frustration on your family as you gaze upon the vast field left to be pinned. Rather, spend quality time with your family as I remove the need for any pins!

  • The frustrating problem of details: Whether you love hand-quilting, or just want that one-time experience, those endless details and frustrations from basting can turn your fun into drudgery. Let me baste it for you, so you can get to the part you really love.

  • The diabolical problem of wrinkles: We?e all been there, and no matter how smooth it looks on one side there is a wrinkle on the other side. Even the process of pinning will create the wrinkles it is supposed to be preventing! Then, when you get it on the machine, no matter how hard you try there is going to be that bit that folds over itself, or the square you missed to pin, or even the wrinkle toward the end you accidentally pinned in when you were tired and cranky and just wanted to get it over with. The longarm quilting process eliminates that worry so you don? have to pull your hair out with frustration after finding a lone wrinkle in an otherwise perfect quilt.

  • The unavoidable problem of uneven stitches: Unavoidable, that is, with a standard sewing machine. The Millennium longarm machine, however, makes them smooth and even.

  • The perennial problem of intent: Do you want some fancy or unique quilting, but don? know how to put your dreams onto the fabric? The CompuQuilter will do that for you and impress all your friends.

  • The immeasurable problem of supply: We?e all been there, standing in the store, racking your brain to remember whether the spool in your hand is the one you bought the last time; or breathlessly arguing with the clerk, insisting that the store carried it last week and should still have it this week. When you send your quilt to me, sit back and bask in the knowledge that I supply all your thread, worry free.

  • The endless problem of choice: I have many different types of batting in stock, and can help you decide which is best for your particular quilt. Also, they all come on spools, and not folded, so they are free of wrinkles or creases; this helps your quilt to lay flat after it is quilted.