Meet Sharon



To say that I am passionate about quilting and piecing is something of an understatement. Though I have been sewing most of my life, I only started quilting in April of 2000 when my Church’s ladies’ group offered a class. From that moment, I was hooked. To date, I have completed over 80 quilts from start to finish. Here are a few samples.

My quilting style has been described as “traditional with a twist.”  I enjoy making traditional quilts as well as trying interesting variations on established motifs. Lately I have enjoyed making circle quilts and quilts with curves, however the Log Cabin quilts remain my favorite.

I like the challenge of trying new things, and am constantly taking classes to improve my skills. Shortly after I began quilting, I had the opportunity to experiment with my friend’s longarm and found out I had a talent for it. Always ready for an adventure, in May of 2005 I began longarming professionally with my brand new APQS Millennium longarm quilting machine. Talk about a challenge! I was intimidated but excited, and quickly found out I love both computerized quilting and freehand quilting.


Since those early beginnings I have grown a lot as a longarmer, and have taken many classes all over the country to improve my skills and learn new techniques. Now I find that people often come to me when they can’t figure out a pattern, or decide on fabrics, or when they have questions on a particular technique, and I love helping people with their quilting.

As a longarmer I enjoy helping people find the perfect design for their quilt. Often a customer doesn't know what kind of quilting design would best fit their quilt. Sometimes the best fit is an overall design and sometimes it is semi-custom or completely custom quilting. Even if we decide on a simple overall design, we will talk through the many choices together. We discuss the styles and designs they like and dislike, how the quilt will be used—whether for a bed, to display on the wall, for a child or wedding gift, etc.—and we discuss what will best complement their quilt on their budget.


My customers love the personal attention I give them and each of their quilts, and love my quick turn-around time, too. Except during the holiday rush, I can often give a quilt back with two to three weeks.


One of my greatest joys is freehand quilting. Freehand quilting is more artistic, and allows me the freedom to make the quilt sing!