Welcome to Longarm Quilting 4 You


Now that your quilt top is finished, your piecing complete, your project perfected, it is time to make your masterpiece into a usable quilt.  But to whom should you turn?


If your sewing machine is too small, or your quilt is too big, my longarm machine is just right.

If your skills are too new, or your project too precious, my experienced hand is just right.

If your time is too fleeting, or a deadline is looming, my schedule is just right.


Don't feel lost in the woods another minute. Come on in and see what I have to offer. Inspect my quilts, check out my awards, browse my designs, or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.


And when you're ready, contact me to put all those layers together for you in a way that best compliments your individual quilt.